For Parents: 3DVinci in Your Home

For Parents: 3DVinci in Your Home

Does your kids' computer time boost their brain power? Your kids want to have fun on the computer, but you want them to be productive and learn something at the same time. What can satisfy both you and your kids? Google SketchUp and 3DVinci. 

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Our project books are great for filling in those hours when your kids might otherwise be watching TV or playing video games. We offer two series:

For ages 8 - 15: ModelMetricks books teach 3D design and modeling skills, using interesting and colorful projects.

Why parents love ModelMetricks

For Grades 6 - 12: GeomeTricks books teach 2D and 3D math and geometry concepts using patterns and polygons.

Why parents love GeomeTricks

Google SketchUp is a FREE, fun, and engaging 3D modeling program that blends left-brain analytics with right-brain creativity. Design professionals such as architects and engineers have been using it for years in the workplace. And recently, parents and teachers have discovered how much kids love it, and how much kids learn when they use it. While your kids are flexing their creative muscles building fun and interesting 3D models on the computer, they're also learning the geometry, spatial relations, and design principles used by architects, engineers, and artists.

While working independently on 3DVinci's step-by-step projects, kids learn to visualize a new concept, and then use SketchUp's intuitive toolset to produce their own designs. And unlike with video games and other computer activities, SketchUp gets your kids generating their own creations - a great way to boost self-esteem. (And you'll probably want to start using SketchUp yourself!)

Four Easy Steps to Get Started:

  1. Download sketchup

  2. For a quick guide to SketchUp installation, user interface, and basic tools, see our printable "Intro to SketchUp" PDF. Click either PC Version or Mac Version.

  3. Try out our free stuff for kids.

  4. Get started! For some starter project ideas, please check out our Free Teacher Guide. And our ModelMetricks and GeomeTricks books will unleash your kids' creativity. (And you'll probably want to start using SketchUp yourself!)

For Home-Schooling Parents  

You invest a lot of time finding materials to educate your kids. SketchUp is a wonferful tool for getting your kids to explore both their creative and analytical sides, and we provide engaging, motivational, and instructional materials to help them get the most out of SketchUp.

While working through our fun design projects, your kids will acquire valuable academic and technological skills. Our materials are great for independent self-learners, and provide valuable, real-world career preparation. By making SketchUp easily understood and accessible for everyone, we have lightened your teaching workload: the steps, methods, and projects are already written and illustrated. Once your kids open the books and get started, you'll be amazed at what they create in a short time, and pleased with how much they've learned in the process.

Because you multi-task as both parents and teachers, be sure to also check out our information for teachers.

Also, please view our Free Teacher Guide, full of suggested SketchUp projects for all age levels, in a variety of subjects.

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