GeomeTricks: Make Math Fun!

GeomeTricks is a series of 2D and 3D geometry project books for students in middle school and high school, based on FREE Google SketchUp software.

GeomeTricks projects are hands-on, step-by-step exercises that produce colorful and interesting geometric models. These projects are ideal for students who have already used SketchUp, even at a basic level.


Who should use these books:

  • Accelerated math students who are looking for extra enrichment work
  • "Reluctant mathematicians," who can use some extra encouragement learning geometry
  • Students in after-school math clubs
  • Students in math or technology-based summer programs
  • Homeschoolers who are looking to enhance their kids' understanding of geometry
  • Anyone who likes cool, colorful patterns!

 What's in these books?

The 2D GeomeTricks books are divided into four series:

  • Symmetry: Explore mirror, rotational, and spiral symmetry, and creating animations of spinning shapes.
  • Periodic Patterns: Create tesselations (tiling mosaics) using regular and irregular polygons.
  • Aperiodic Patterns: Create spiral and rotational tilings, and learn how to create Kepler, Penrose, Hirschhorn, Bent Wedge, and Voderberg tiles.
  • Fractals: Explore repeating shapes such as rep-tiles, polygonal and star fractals, and create animations of fractals in action.

THE FUTURE IS 3D. Are your kids ready?

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