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GeomeTricks 13-Book Set (PDF)

This bundled set of 13 GeomeTricks project books is great for math students, teachers, hobbyists, and anyone who agrees that geometry is cool! For both Mac and PC users, SketchUp Make 2014.

This set includes these books:

Symmetry Series
Mirror and Rotational Symmetry
Spinning Spirals

Periodic Patterns
Single-Polygon Patterns
Mosaics with Regular Polygons
Advanced Mosaics
Patterns with Irregular Polygons

Aperiodic Patterns
Rotational and Spiral Tiling
Advanced Spiral Tiling
Patterns Based on Fives

Fractals Series
Repeating Shapes
Star Fractals

3D Solids Series
Basic Platonic and Archimedean Solids
Golden Rectangle Solids

All books delivered in printable PDF format, 8.5" x 11" size (US Letter). Download info will be sent within one business day. Purchased individually, all 13 books total $ 139.35, so get the bundle and SAVE!

Teachers: We welcome school purchase orders! See our Contact page.
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