SketchUp Projects Collection # 3: Sep 10 - Feb 11

SketchUp Projects Collection # 3: Sep 10 - Feb 11

Six months of projects in one bundle. You'll get 18 projects (12 in 3D design, 6 in geometry), which can be enjoyed by students, teachers, and design professionals. For details on these projects, see Projects of the Month.

This bundle consists of a single PDF which will be uploaded to you directly. No Google Docs, no PDF locking!
  • Sep '10: Arranging Furniture, Intersecting Cylinders, Photo Montage
  • Oct '10: Dice, Hexaflake, Nearby Models
  • Nov '10: Fireplace Mantel, Hexaflake Animation, Rendering for Free with Kerkythea
  • Dec '10: Bowl of Chicken Soup, Cold Colors / Warm Colors, Hexagonal Pyramid
  • Jan '11: Dragon Curve Fractal, Number 2 Pencil, Shark Tower
  • Feb '11: Hot Air Balloon, Mandala Pattern, Camping Tent

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