SketchUp Projects Collection # 7: Sept 12 - Feb 13

SketchUp Projects Collection # 7: Sept 12 - Feb 13

Six months of projects in one bundle. You'll get 18 projects which can be enjoyed by students, teachers, and design professionals. For details on these projects, see Projects of the Month.

This bundle consists of a single PDF which will be uploaded to you directly. No Google Docs, no PDF locking!

  • September '12: Crossbar Optical Illusion, Rounded Box, Shapes Puzzle
  • October '12: Ames Illusion, Shapes Puzzle Solution, T-Square Fractal
  • November '12: Working Sundial, Sundial Animation, Translucent People
  • December '12: Goblet, Helix, Parallel Lines Illusion
  • January '13: Bumpy Checkerboard, Rubik's Cube, Screw Threads
  • February '13: House Plans, Jenga in Sketchy Physics, Screw Tip

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