SketchUp Projects Collection # 9: Sept 13 - Feb 14

SketchUp Projects Collection # 9: Sept 13 - Feb 14

Our final project bundle!

Six months of projects in one bundle. You'll get 18 projects which can be enjoyed by students, teachers, and design professionals.

This bundle consists of a single PDF which will be uploaded to you directly. No Google Docs, no PDF locking!

  • September'13: Curvy Text, Penrose Triangle, Pillow Letters
  • October '13: Minecraft Setup, Minecraft House, Pumpkin
  • November '13: Candy Cane, Twisted DNA, Zigzag Face
  • December '13: Shape Bender Ramp, Logo Tracing, Water Vortex
  • January '14: Dice, Shell House, 50-States Puzzle
  • February '14: Polygons for Mosaics, Making Mosaics, Hidden Message

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