News and Events

News and Events

Check back on this page often for book reviews, articles about our materials, and news about 3DVinci.

4/24/2009: Jon Choate and Bonnie Roskes of 3DVinci Present "Exploring 3D Geometry Using Google's SketchUp" at NCTM

Jon Choate and Bonnie Roskes, collaborators on the GeomeTricks series of project books, presented together at the Annual Meeting and Expo of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Over 400 people watched (and participated!) with rapt aattention as Bonnie and Jon demonstrated how SketchUp can be used in the teaching of 2D and 3D geometry.
  • Download the presentation slides, handouts, and models from Jon Choate's website.
  • Download the models from the talk from Google's 3D Warehouse (these models have scene tabs to show each model's progression).
  • See one of the demonstrated models in action, on Bonnie's blog.

3/31/2009: 3DVinci Founder Bonnie Roskes Becomes an Amazon Bestseller!

After the pre-release of Bonnie's Google SketchUp Cookbook, the book made bestseller lists in several computer-related categories. Read the press release!

3/30/2009: Press Release: SketchUp 7 Books for Students and Instructors

Read 3DVinci's press release announcing the launch of our student books for SketchUp 7, for use in secondary and higher education.

3/4/2009: Press Release: SketchUp 7 Books for Design Pros

Read 3DVinci's press release announcing the launch of our pro-level books on Google SketchUp 7.

2/18/2009: Press Release: GeomeTricks Launches

Read 3DVinci's press release announcing the launch of the GeomeTricks series of geometry project books for K-12.

1/23/2009: 3DVinci Gets the Royal Treatment at FETC

Ken Royal of Scholastic's Administrator Magazine met with Bonnie Roskes at FETC, a conference on technology in education.

Ken was quite enthusiastic; he loved our array of materials for K-12 students and enjoyed the demo of what SketchUp can do. Check out Ken's video of his sit-down (well, stand-up) with Bonnie Roskes.

1/22/2009: Press Release: ModelMetricks Launches

Read 3DVinci's press release announcing the launch of the ModelMetricks books for K-12 design projects.

1/21/2009: Bonnie Roskes in AECBytes

One new feature of SketchUp 7 is that it breaks edges in 2D. If you're not sure what this means, check out this example in AECBytes, contributed by 3DVinci's Bonnie Roskes

12/8/2008: We Got Reviewed!

Read the ModelMetricks review in PC World. An excerpt:

"Children who construct the 3D drawings in these books will gain stronger and stronger skill with the basic tools of Google SketchUp. Each chapter in these books explains the skills gained in creating the 3D drawing explained in the chapter. Roskes' creativity flows so strongly that she even wrote an entire book on how to use Google SketchUp for creating jigsaw puzzles and various kinds of word puzzles, including a spinning word puzzle. The software programmers who created SketchUp could never have imagined this unanticipated use for their software, but Roskes did."

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